BlueButterfly Productions 


Pretty damn versatile 

Blue Butterfly Productions prides itself on having a netork of skilled professionals with technical expertise and extensive experience in journalism and film production. Our works are geared for Social Media, with vivid colours and original subtitling, we are an independent film and audio production company. Tam takes you through a journey with his FUJIFILM into any situation with gonzo-style journalism and real-life events. 

BlueButterfly has a keen eye for detail and a dedication to accuracy and impartiality. We can help clients create content that is not only visually engaging but also informative and thought-provoking. Our Creative Director, Alessia Calcerano, brings many years of experience as a Director of Production for BIBI films, ViacomCBS, Level 33, Freemantle among others. Alessia is constantly involved in TV and film productions to deliver vital support to these studios, artists and personnel in this field. 

Holy Waves, Part 1 

Follow Tam's journey in Morocco to find some of the most tasty dishes and one of the world's largest lagoons,  Imsouane, a Mecca for surfing. This short film shows snippets of meetings with locals, other travellers. Tam interviews people along the way and tries to patch these personalities together. In this episode, we meet Howell, trying lamb tajine and playing the gimbri on the beach, experience the nightlife of Agadir and Marrakech and the discovery of some of the most multi-talented surfers in the world. 

Holy Waves, Part 2 

Tam finds 2 of the most experienced and charismatic surfers who happen to be both Palestinian and Israeli, known as the 1947 Israeli-Arabs. Ibrahim tells his story of being a lifeguard in a country with frequent conflict and prejudice. Tam tells the story of surfers in Morocco, in particular, Ibrahim and Moatasim, some of the few Israeli Arabs who acquired Israeli citizenship and are now allowed to travel to other Arab countries with their Israeli passports. While they get to enjoy more rights compared to other Palestinians living in the West Bank, or worse, in Gaza, they find solace in the waves and the non-political environment of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Adopting stray dogs in Italy - Biodiversity tours on Etna volcano  

Experience local Sicily - Truffles, fishing, volcano eruptions and local dogs

This short film is about our trip to Sicily in 2023 and the adoption of a stray dog called ‘Bo’. The video takes you through Sicily’s attractions including Agira, Etna, Linguaglossa, Natural Reserve Nebrodi, Ortigia, Siracusa, Tusa, Augusta, Natural Reserve Vendicari and on the road where we find Bo before our trip to Etna. 

Check out our friends and the family of Alessia on the search for truffles in the mountains of Sicily followed by a barbecue of freshly fished octopus. 

This is not just a travel video. We highlight environmental issues such as wildfires, stray dogs and encourage others to follow our footsteps to make positive change in this world, no matter how small. BlueButterfly productions promote local cultures, languages and habitats.