Ciao, sono Alessia 

Alessia was born in Milan and graduated in Media Communication and Advertising from IULM University of Languages and Communication in 2015. She started her career in film, TV, and advertising production as a production assistant the same year, and now holds the position of Production Director. Alessia is a determined and dependable professional, with the ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment.

Hi, I'm Tam 

UK-born and educated, MChem. University of Surrey (2009) and LLB University of Law (2011), London. Trained in Intellectual Property rights, software development and legal counsel for Bechtel, Bristows and the public sector. Tam served 5 years in the French Foreign Legion taking part in foreign and domestic missions. 

Tam has extensive international experience in  interpretation, translations and in journalism. Tam is a socio-community entrepreneur and continues to run eco-initiatives in the Middle-East, Colombia, South Africa and Italy to promote sustainable tourism and employment in underdeveloped areas in the world. 

Find out more about Tam 

Founder of BlueButterfly  and specialist-tour guide in Mountains, Nature Reserves, Flora and Fauna. Tam is a lifelong entrepreneur and now uses himself and other military personnel to conduct high-risk nature, sports, extreme or alternative trips that require a high-level of expertise, skill and client-relation skills.


Ex-legionnaire, life-long entrepreneur with a passion for environmental protection and ecological restoration – Tam has a Law and Science background from the UK and worked in material sciences for Hitachi in Japan 2008 followed by Intellectual Property contractual work in London in 2011, working on legal disputes and brand management advice for clients with extensive brand portfolios such as pharmaceutical, software and consumer goods companies. In 2013, Tam took some time in India to run an eco-business in Goa, India and took on journalistic and technical report writing, which allowed Tam to traverse the Middle East and the Levant regions in particular, including Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, Jordan and Turkey.


Tam reported on humanitarian projects, journalism in social, community and entrepreneurial activities in often areas with civil unrest including some of the Arab Spring demonstrations and other challenges to status quo. Tam travelled to Ukraine twice to Ukraine in 2014 and 2015 to cover the Euromaidan protests in Kiev and the preparation war efforts in the Donbass in the East of the country.


Tam took positions to work as contract manager and claims specialists writer until he moved to Colombia, South America in a bid to master the Spanish language and get involved with environmental and social projects. Tam continues to provide language and life-coach teaching in his free time and is qualified in pedagogy to give classes at University level in Colombia. Tam taught languages and entrepreneurial projects at 3 different institutions in the town of Popayan, in the department of Cauca.


During this time, Tam was able to formalize the creation of 2 undertakings that continue to provide prospects and employment to this day because of the huge unexploited eco-touristic offer. Tam co-founded EN EL CAUCA PAISAJE Y CULTURA SAS and EN EL CAUCA PAISAJE Y CULTURA FUNDACION to realize some of the eco-touristic activities available in the natural reserves and their periphery.


Tam leads a network of specialist guides like himself to run expeditions and nature tours in wild or remote areas in Colombia. Tam’s passion for environmental protection projects grew out of his collaborative work in bio-diverse areas in Colombia, from reforestation to creating signs highlighting areas of rich natural beauty followed by the creation of new ecological laws and norms and his assistance in their reporting and enforcement.


Tam served 5 years in the French Foreign Legion, starting as a paratrooper and specializing in Mountainous, Equatorial Forests and Desert environments finishing his term in the legion as a Team Leader in a motorized infantry brigade equipped with armored vehicles. Tam spent two years in French Guyane on national territory protection missions patrolling, infiltrating and enforcing against illegal gold mining operations and learning about essential ways to subsist and conduct combat operations in hostile conditions.