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No borders, no barriers 

BlueButterfly Polyglots

BlueButterfly offers language services in interpretation and translation in over 6 languages, including Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, English, Spanish, and French. 

We can handle a wide range of projects, from business documents, technical writing and legal contracts to live interpretation at events.

BlueButterfly also offers language classes and bilingual integration programs as part of our language services. 

We understand the importance of effective communication in business and offer bespoke language courses

Why BlueButterfly...?

We offer services in Localization and Post-Editing in a Machine Translated world. One mistranslation or use of a better phrase could cost you millions or even lead to unexpected returns. 

Localization could mean changing the name of your Trade Mark or campaign to suit the sensibilities of your target audience. 

Bluebutterfly handles 'false friends' in every sense where two words in two different languages can have a slightly or completely different meaning. This is particularly common in legal or technical translations and we constantly participate in Continuing Education and webinars with regards to latest standards. 

What has Apple got to do with computers and has the general public become more familiar with the Amazon as one of the biggest online retailers rather than the world's largest rainforest?  

This can be a problem for linguists but it's nothing new, after all, the Hoover has been replaced by the Dyson, which are all generic brand names of a vacuum cleaner. 

Indeed, the success of an enterprise can be measured by its universal use, even, the replacing of generic names. Hardly anyone says telephone these days, but the Telegram has been re-introduced in our vernacular since the advent of another Instant Messaging application... 

Contact us to find out more about how we can help your organization create, improve, interpret, translate your Brand into effective creative campaigns. 

BlueButterfly Method

Our language classes are taught by experienced language instructors online and in-person. These classes are designed to help clients improve their language skills, whether they are beginners or advanced learners. 

BlueButterfly also provides bilingual integration programs to help clients successfully integrate into new cultures and communities. These programs can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client, providing support in areas such as language learning, cultural orientation and business etiquette in the target language. 

Our bespoke language courses focus on specific topics related to business or operational needs such as legal terminology for contracts, medical terminology for healthcare professionals and technical language for engineers. 

By offering these customized language classes, BlueButterfly enables our clients to communicate effectively and professionally in any situation.

If you're interested in lessons, methods, materials from one of our BlueButterfly linguists, please get in touch: